Vlog: Life Sciences Marketing Done Right – Interview with Beth Willers of Impress Labs

Vlog: Life Sciences Marketing Done Right – Interview with Beth Willers of Impress Labs

Regardless of industry, marketing doesn’t fundamentally change. It’s about your customer’s goals. Life sciences is an industry in which bringing marketing’s tools up to date is a slower process because of the reluctance to cross paths with regulations. While understandable, this is an outdated way of thinking. There are many life science companies using newer and more effective marketing techniques.

The life sciences industry is changing as digital makes deep impacts. Impress Labs’ Beth Willers, director of life sciences, is leading the change and putting her clients at the forefront, all while staying in compliance.

Beth is a communications professional with over a decade of diverse experience promoting and growing businesses. She is responsible for the direction of the Life Science Lab, orchestrating internal talent to deliver effective brand- and goal-driven communication programs for a portfolio of life science customers in the biopharmaceutical, chemical, facility process and single-use technology sectors. Her approach to each account is unique, but the goals remain the same: creating thought leadership within target markets and ultimately driving revenue growth.

In this episode of The B2B Marketing Show, we talk with her about how she is doing that, and she shares how other senior communications and marketing professionals can take advantage of the lessons she has learned.

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