The New Face of World-Class Public Relations

The New Face of World-Class Public Relations

For as long as I’ve been in public relations (and maybe longer), the industry has been dominated by a handful of large agencies serving general markets, along with many smaller, boutique agencies. As a member of the latter group, we saw an opportunity at the top level for another world-class public relations player; one that approaches the market differently by delivering small agency attention to achieve big agency results.

Our vision is to be that company and make a significant impact on the market by 2025. So last month, we set out on the first leg of this adventure by launching our latest endeavor—the merger of Impress Labs with Duo Public Relations under a new entity: KiteRocket. Our aim is to harness the power of smaller agencies working together under one collective brand. We’re starting on the West Coast and are planning to expand, with each agency applying a standardized customer experience designed to reflect the KiteRocket brand.

The concept is simple: to deliver great work and solve marketing problems with a PR-forward, multidisciplinary approach using the plethora of platforms that are now available to share information. In today’s connected world, PR and marketing no longer involve a one-way conversation of a brand pushing information out to the consumer. Rather, it is a two-way or multidirectional conversation that often involves information gleaned from friends, family, and other consumers, and sometimes doesn’t involve direct interaction with the brand until a purchase is actually made. We call it the B2Me approach.

While smart PR and great brand positioning have always relied on digesting information, the speed at which we now gather and process sheer volumes of data has changed the game. Valuable insight is at our fingertips, and that allows PR to have a greater impact. Our job is to embrace this information from all of its sources, and then use multidisciplinary tools to execute well-crafted strategies and deliver effective marketing campaigns that drive businesses to their endgames.

Our ultimate goal is to evolve from a strong West Coast agency to a world-class, modern PR powerhouse. This requires a team of world-class talent to understand each problem, so we can effectively apply the right strategic approach and deliver beyond client expectations. The recent addition of Paco Allen to the KiteRocket team as Executive Creative Director to guide this effort is the next step toward achieving this goal. We are honored to have him on board, and so are our partners at Duo PR. You can read all about Paco in the press release below.


KiteRocket Sets Foundation for Modern PR with Appointment of Paco Allen as Executive Creative Director

PHOENIX, SAN FRANCISCO and SEATTLE – Sept. 7, 2016 – KiteRocket LLC, the parent company formed by the recent merger of Impress Labs and Duo Public Relations Inc. announced today the appointment of Paco Allen as Executive Creative Director. In this role, Allen will oversee the agency’s creative, content and digital marketing divisions to integrate with public relations cohesively across all media platforms. This appointment is the next step in executing KiteRocket’s strategy for a modern approach to PR and demonstrates the agency’s dedication to investing in quality talent to reach its vision.

Reaching today’s tech-savvy audience, regardless of whether it’s business-to-business or business-to-consumer, requires knowledge and understanding across multiple disciplines to convey a brand’s message in the marketplace. KiteRocket has set its sights on becoming the global leader in modern PR, with the idea that communications involve humans marketing to humans; or B2Me.

“Paco Allen brings a wealth of knowledge to his role as executive creative director, drawing from a diverse portfolio that allows him to understand not just creative direction, but the social and digital aspects of modern PR as well,” said Dave Richardson, Managing Partner, KiteRocket LLC. “We are fortunate to add his unique perspective and experience to our growing team of experts.”

KiteRocket’s core team consists of strategic leaders from the key execution areas of modern PR, including media relations, content marketing, creative, digital/interactive, and social media marketing. The goal of modern PR is to collaborate across all disciplines of marketing to provide a holistic approach to helping brands find their voice and be heard.

Allen’s skill set runs the gamut of creative, strategy, social, content, media, and leadership, and his talents have touched such diverse and well-known brands as Audi, BMW, Baskin-Robbins, Hasbro, Oracle, Warner Bros., and more. In 2003, he was part of the team that built Grey Worldwide’s (now Grey Global Group) integrated agency experience. Located in San Francisco, this was the first U.S.-based agency to offer fully integrated services. Over the years, Allen strategically honed his skills through different leadership roles in creative, content, and digital marketing departments at agencies both large and small including Beyond Interactive, Grey SF, Young & Rubicam, SilverFox, and most recently the San Francisco office for Harlo, where he was responsible for everything from office profit and loss, operations, creative vision, brand strategy, new business, and more.

“My vision for KiteRocket is that we become as well known for our creative ideas, execution, and problem-solving as we are for PR, on which both the Impress and Duo brands were built,” said Allen. “We want clients to come to us with all of their creative and content needs because they should be integrated with top-level messaging that drives an organization’s business goals. Our goal is to solve those by integrating all the disciplines into a cohesive strategy.”

About KiteRocket
KiteRocket LLC, the parent company of Impress Labs and Duo Public Relations Inc., is a modern PR and marketing agency that uses a holistic vision to help clients seize opportunities, and tap into core human values to build and create meaningful brand relationships. It provides the umbrella under which the two companies combine resources and offer full-service, B2Me public relations, creative services, and digital marketing across global markets.

About Impress Labs
Impress Labs is a global brand, creative, and communications agency focused on helping solar, cleantech, life science, and semiconductor companies reach their communications and business objectives. Our Creating Agents™ process specifically targets people who influence buying decisions and provides companies with a path to increased sales through brand development, creative expression, and public awareness through well-executed PR and dynamic digital and social media strategies.

About Duo PR
Duo Public Relations is a boutique agency specializing in consumer and lifestyle public relations and marketing. Founded in 2004, the agency’s specialty practice areas include food and beverage, travel and hospitality, as well as health and wellness. Working with a wide range of companies, from household names to independent entrepreneurs, Duo PR focuses its campaigns on merging traditional and contemporary communication avenues to engage consumers and deliver measurable results.


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