The SEMICON West 2015 Experience, Enhanced

The SEMICON West 2015 Experience, Enhanced

For years, SEMICON West, held each July in San Francisco, has been the jewel in the crown of semiconductor manufacturing industry expositions. First held at the San Mateo Fairgrounds in 1971, it has evolved over the years, and changed in size, scope and format. Additionally, for several years, Intersolar North America has been co-located with SEMICON West.

SEMICON West 2015 featured 180+ hours of programs, and touched not only semiconductors but related industries including LEDs, MEMS, photovoltaic, energy, health, automotive and more. According to SEMI, SEMICON West 2015 drew approximately 26K visitors and featured 692 companies on the exhibit floor.

Over the years, trade shows in general have felt the impact of digital marketing, as virtual events and webcasts attempted to carve a space from physical events. But nothing can replace face-to-face interaction, and SEMI has worked tremendously hard to integrate digital tools to enhance the SEMICON West experience. For example, this year it provided a smartphone app to streamline programs, schedules, meetings and social media, and incentivized its use by running contests throughout the event.

As a brand-driven cThe SEMICON West 2015 experience at the Impress Loungeommunications agency serving the semiconductor, solar and life science markets, Impress Labs has always recognized SEMICON West/Intersolar North America as a critical platform for showcasing our clients in the semiconductor and solar spaces. Six years ago, we created the Impress Lounge for our clients by taking over first one, than both, restaurants located atop Moscone North (the B-Bar and Samovar restaurants). This provides clients with space to entertain and meet with customers, oftentimes in addition to securing an exhibitor booth, as each space serves different, yet important, purposes. It has provided a venue for Impress to host industry-related events, such as the SEMICON West After-Party, GTM Analyst Breakfast, Intersolar After-Party, the F450C Panel and the 3D InCites Awards Breakfast. Most importantly, the lounge has enhanced our clients’ overall SEMICON West/Intersolar experience.

As with most things, SEMICON West has its fair share of critics; most aimed at the expense of exhibiting in comparison with the actual traffic that booths receive, which has seemed to dissipate steadily over the past few years. More and more, suppliers set up satellite base camps to meet with their clients. But what they forget is that without SEMICON West, which by its existence creates a microcosm of the semiconductor industry, these off-site networking opportunities would not be available.

SEMICON West 2015 Experience - Connections on the connectivity board made by Impress Labs

Rather than belabor the SEMICON West of days gone by, we encourage companies to think of novel ways to make the most of what SEMICON West has to offer now and in the future. How can we draw more of the 26K to the show floor and keep them there? By providing interactive experiences. For example, this year, Freescale used its booth space to park an RV, and created a hands-on exhibit to showcase its Internet of Things offerings. Another experiential feature was SEMI’s “selfie booth,” where attendees were encouraged to take selfies and post them to the social media thread. Micron sponsored a lounge and meeting space area in the Gateway Hall. At the annual Impress After-Party, we encouraged guests to sign the connectivity board using connective ink pens to light up an LED.

SEMICON West 2016 is only 11 months away. It’s not too early to start planning a way to enhance your company’s SEMICON West experience. Let Impress Labs lead the way.


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